Guido e Igiea Zampaglione Vignaioli

The winery

The Tenuta Grillo estate extents on 32 hectares: 17 are planted with vine of which 11 with red grape - Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa and Merlot - and 6 with white grape - Cortese, Chardonnay and Sauvignon (only Cortese is vinificated, the rest of the white grapes are sold).

Our vineyard are in Monferrato, few kilometres from Mombaruzzo. They are situated on a mild upland about 350 meters a.s.l. The soil is sandy and has the characteristic to drain the water rapidly.

We select with extreme cure our grape, in the harvest time we pass more than three time on the same vineyard to pick up the grape at their right maturity. We sell more then half of our grapes.

One of the most important decision in our production is the harvest suitable time.

  Guido Zampaglione TENUTA GRILLO - Strada Maranchetti 6 - 15010 - Gamalero (AL) - ph. +39 0131 709176 - +39 339 5870423 - e-mail: info@tenutagrillo.it